Why Your Kids Hide when You Pick Them Up from School

“If you are an at-home mom or dad or just have the opportunity, you may swing by your child’s school to pick them up every day and save them from having to ride the bus home. This is a really nice gesture on your part and may make you feel like the ideal parent, but have you noticed that lately your child has asked to take the bus home? Or do they make a mad dash for your car when you pick them up, telling you to leave quickly as the scrunch down in the seat so they cannot be seen? It may not be an easy thing for you to deal with, but your kids may be at the point where they may not want you picking them up for school and they may have some good reasons why.

What You Wear – Everyone goes through this phase at least once in their lives and you probably experienced it when you were a child growing up. At some point you realize that you may be a little embarrassed but what your parents are wearing, especially when it is seen by your friends. While it may seem perfectly okay for you wear that long worn out Hall Oates 1985 concert tour t-shirt around the house, your son or daughter does not want you wearing it out in public. Trying to look like you are up on the latest fashion trends by dressing like the younger set is not the answer either. Stick to your run of the mill shirts and jeans and you may be able to stay out of trouble.

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What You Listen to – There are few things kids seem to find more embarrassing than walking out of school and seeing their mother or father singing at the top of their lungs to some adult contemporary, easy listening or classic rock song on the radio or your music player. As much as you may love the song and cannot help yourself in singing is as much as it makes your kids want to crawl under a rock or have you park around the corner so they can meet you there. If you are going to sing anyway, you might want to at least think about rolling up the windows and not playing air guitar or air drums while you wait outside.

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What You Drive – Okay, so you dress nicely, you stopped the singing and the kids still do not want you there. What else could it be? Sadly, it may be the car that you are driving. While you may love your car and all that it does for you each day, there is probably something about it that you overlook because of your love for the car that the general public sees all too well. Whether it is that extra loud noise because of a faulty exhaust system, the rust falling off the bottom of the doors or the fact that it is an old minivan or station wagon with lots of bumper stickers, your car is the reason the kids do not want to be seen with you at school.

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So what can you do to change all of this? The solution is pretty easy actually. It may be time for you to head over to the local Rancho Cucamonga Chevy dealership and see about getting something better to drive. You can take a look at all of the options available to you for new and used cars at www.mountainviewChevy.com and find just the car that you need so that your kids will not mind being seen with you again at school.

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