Save Money on Your Auto Insurance with These Great Ideas

Saving money is the name of many a game, pretty much everywhere you look someone is telling you about how you can spend money here in order to save. It doesn’t really make sense when you stop and even use the slightest bit of common sense. The whole Black Friday thing is the biggest ruse that anyone has ever thought up, and it’s amazing how people fall for it every year. You just want to shake your head and cry a tear for humanity every time you see this. For example, they say: save $5 on these things, so then instead of buying the three you wanted, you buy six. You’ve now “”saved”” $30 by spending $200. People: wake up and smell the home brewed coffee. But this all goes out the window when it’s something that you have to have, for example, car insurance. In things like that, you actually do have ways of saving money. So here are some tips for saving money on one of life’s necessities: car insurance.

Don’t Trust Geiko


The thing about Geiko is they are brilliant at advertising: they have taken the standard industry practice of how every single insurance company calculates insurance and made it seem like their unique thing. Every single company has their own formulas and protocols for determining what to charge you and in every area, every car has one company that will rate their insurance premium the lowest. So you can shop around all you want, and you should, but that does not mean Geiko will be the lowest. Their use of the word “”could”” is simply genius. It really is. Because there are so many variables in their promise. Fifteen minutes COULD save you 15%. That’s so dumb, but people probably call Geiko every day.

Get all the Safety Features


You can save money on insurance by spending more at the time of purchase. This is true. This is one of the few times in this world that spending more actually can save you, because you are spending on this here in Column A, and saving in Column B. It’s the notion of spending in Column A to save in Column A that is the ruse of Black Friday and the idea of sales. But if you browse over to, for example, you can see the different safety features that you are presented with. Air bags and seat belts and side air bags and all this other stuff – these can all save you on your insurance premiums and may even pay for themselves in the first year. Not to mention, they’re safety features for crying out loud! Check out all the features online at

Be a Good driver


Then there’s just the age old Be a Safe and Good driver and you will save your money. This one takes some building up over the years, but if you are cautious and if you are always aware of the world around you, you will not get into accidents and you will save money and broken bones.

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