Rethink These Cars That You Would Maybe Pass over

So there you might be, looking at the cars at the lot thinking about what you would like to buy. It’s pretty easy to rule out some of them, because they are obvious mom and dad cars. You realize, the minivans, the cars you would never want to be seen cruising the strip behind the wheel of. There are numerous to choose from, so why would you choose one who automatically place you in to the type of the not hip. But sometimes there are actually cars that will make you have to rethink the whole issue. If you give them a real solid chance, you could possibly realize these are pretty dang cool, despite the fact that for there are cars that happen to be maybe initially seen as uncool. Let’s explore a few.

Honda Odyssey


The flagship minivan on the market, the Odyssey, issadly and still, a minivan. Together with that comes the stigma of driving a minivan. You will find jokes about being a soccer mom, about where are definitely the kids, and approximately anything else that minivan owners have to suffer through. But if you look past all the hate, there are a lot of things to like about driving a minivan, and a Odyssey in particular. These things handle like sedans, there’s no two ways regarding it. And they are so roomy that you could fit what you could ever want within. A trip to ikea? No problem. Want to take the whole crew to your national park for a camping get away? Use the Odyssey. These are modern and slick and actually quite cool. You can’t fail with one.

Toyota Prius


Even the very mention of the name Prius brings up visions of dads calculating gas mileage and smug yuppie jerks thinking simply how much more environmentally sound these are than you. There’s an annoying elitism that comes with driving a Prius. So imagine our surprise when we were perusing Toyota Santa Ana for many good deals and we saw what looked like a real sports vehicle, something we would want to be picked up in education from when we had been a kid. There have been hip colors and sleek curves. Couldn’t be a Prius. But it was! Look for yourself online at and look at the crazy awesome Prius-C. It’s actually bad ass.



I remember when my grandmother accustomed to pick us up from school in the Subaru. It absolutely was a manual shift boxy car that had been pretty lame. Because we were 6, but looking back at it, it absolutely was not the most awesome car that anyone could have, we didn’t know or care at that time. The Subaru line these days is fairly the opposite, however. They are cool, they are sporty, they are high performance, and they’re almost luxurious. Try one out and you’ll be at liberty you did. They have got all wheel drive so you’ll be styling in every single season and that is certainly something that is well worth the money.


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