Have the Ultimate Ladies Night with Women-specific Party Bus Offers


Let’s be honest—luxury vehicles are and long have been one of humanity’s favourite ways of showing off. From the imperial chariots of Ancient Egypt and Rome to the regal coaches of European royalty to the stately aristocratic carriages of the landed gentry to the roadsters, limos, and sports cars which tycoons and celebrities began zooming […]

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3 Gifts to Surprise Your Wife with

Are you looking for a gift for your wife to remind her how grateful you are for her? To make her feel as special as she really is? Here are some great gift ideas that you can surprise her with. Massage Being a mom is a full time job, for her it doesn’t matter the […]

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Why Tire Rotation is So Necessary


At the present time, with the crummy economy, all we look for are the ways to save money. Auto maintenance is one such way through which one can save some bucks. Two popular types of auto maintenance jobs include: oil changes and tire rotations. You can easily deal with both of these car maintenance jobs […]

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Best Dodge Vehicle for the Executive


There are many reasons why the executive has to pay particular attention to the vehicle that they are going to be driving. They most definitely have to keep up appearances not only in the workplace but in the social arena as well. For anyone who is looking for the best vehicle for both work and […]

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Save Money on Your Auto Insurance with These Great Ideas


Saving money is the name of many a game, pretty much everywhere you look someone is telling you about how you can spend money here in order to save. It doesn’t really make sense when you stop and even use the slightest bit of common sense. The whole Black Friday thing is the biggest ruse […]

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Interesting Stories About the Dodge Viper

Mcpeekdodge 3.1jpeg

No doubt everybody is most excited about the 2016 Dodge Viper. The basics about this vehicle are that it is indeed a 10 eight point leader, gas, multi point injection. The price range can it be anywhere for a SRT coupe going at around $87,895 up to the ACR coupe selling for around $118,795. While […]

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Keep These in Your Car in Case the Hunger Hits

Dtla Nissan-8-1

Hunger can strike you at the oddest times. Very often you will find yourself driving on your way home from work, out doing errands or even just sitting in a traffic jam when hunger pangs suddenly spring upon you. You can hear your stomach growling and just wish you had something, anything that might help […]

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Rethink These Cars That You Would Maybe Pass over


So there you might be, looking at the cars at the lot thinking about what you would like to buy. It’s pretty easy to rule out some of them, because they are obvious mom and dad cars. You realize, the minivans, the cars you would never want to be seen cruising the strip behind the […]

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Accessories to a Life That Shows How Important and Cool You Are


What’s the point of even having cool accessories if other don’t notice them and realize how cool you are? There is no point. If you aren’t broadcasting how cool you are then you are not really that cool at all. Just think about having a basement full of fun games and toys and then no […]

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Playing Hide and Seek As a Pro


This is a game of cunning, skill and wits. You must have nerves of steel, an incredible eye for detail and also the stealthy techniques of a ninja to really be successful. It is far more challenging than any video game that you might run into today. Needless to say, this game is hide and […]

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Doing Battle on Planet Earth

Right Toyota-4-1

You have seen it on television, in the movies, on the Internet, in tabloids and even written about in conspiracy books. Everywhere you turn there is another theory about the apocalyptic invasion that is coming when aliens come to Earth. The constant belief is that they will be far from the cuddly E.T. you saw […]

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Why Your Kids Hide when You Pick Them Up from School

Mtview Chevy-4-1

“If you are an at-home mom or dad or just have the opportunity, you may swing by your child’s school to pick them up every day and save them from having to ride the bus home. This is a really nice gesture on your part and may make you feel like the ideal parent, but […]

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