Interesting Stories About the Dodge Viper

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No doubt everybody is most excited about the 2016 Dodge Viper. The basics about this vehicle are that it is indeed a 10 eight point leader, gas, multi point injection. The price range can it be anywhere for a SRT coupe going at around $87,895 up to the ACR coupe selling for around $118,795. While this may not to be classed as a family car it is certainly a dream vehicle for many. For a good selection of Dodge vehicles pay a visit to used cars cerritos.

The Dodge Viper ACR which is the American club racer is definitely the 10 powered American vehicle classed as a supercar. It has been indicated by Dodge that the new 2016 model has been able to set records on a number of tracks including the Mazda Laguna Seca. It was an exciting moment when Randy Pobst was able to take to challenging the circuit in a mere 1:28:65 timing.

The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR currently holds the most track records compared to any other production car in the world according to the SCCA. What is exciting about the Viper ACR is the expectations that it is going to be the fastest version of a street legal Viper track car that was ever made. There are many upgrades to this Dodge Viper and anyone that holds any interest in this vehicle is going to be most impressed with what it possesses. The natural aspiration for the vehicle is 8.4 leader of the 10 that is rated at 645 HP with the 600 pound ft of torque. Now that’s power!

While everything about the looks of the Viper is super impressive, many are talking about the wing on this vehicle. What really is giving the Viper some increase performance is the increased tire load that has been created without an increased mass. This car certainly looks like something from the future but then it always has, and this is one of the many plus features that make this vehicle one that many people would certainly like to own although it certainly wouldn’t be classed as your family vehicle. For great deals and selections of Dodge vehicles visit

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