How to Pass Your Theory Test

We can all agree taking any test is difficult and nerve racking especially your theory test. Its takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Studying is the only way to earn a sure pass. There’s a million and one ways to pass your theory, and practical driving test efficiently: can help practical users, and can help theory learners. Without these resources, we discuss ways on how to pass your theory test initially.

What exactly is a theory test?

There are two parts to a theory test there is a multiple-choice section and the second is hazard perception. You will have just under an hour to complete the 50 multiple choice questions, to pass multiple choice you will need to get at least 43 out of the 50 correct. You will then go on to view 14 clips where you will try spot the hazards you can already see and the ones you think could arise. This is done on a computer where you will click for each hazard. You must get 44 out of 75 correct.

theory test

Have someone test you

You will no doubt have been studying hard as this is an important part of passing so have a friend or family member test you on questions that may come up on your test, this is a good way of knowing if you are ready for your theory test.

Buy a DVD and book

There are a large range of DVDs and books out there to help with hazard perception although the best way to practice hazard perception is while you are driving. Practicing until you are happy with your marks will mean you have a much better chance of passing this section of your theory test.

Be patient

You are not going to be able to get everything right over night it takes time and patience. Do not rush into booking your theory test before you ready or book your theory before doing any studying. This will only result in not enough studying and a huge fail. You don’t want to waste money and have to retake the test as it is not cheap to do so.

Note the questions you’re struggling with

There will most likely be questions you are finding tough so you might need to work harder on those. It’s good to write them down and keep going over those questions until you are confident on them. There may be a lot you’re unsure of so don’t over work it, take breaks in between to keep yourself focused. Go a walk or have a cup of tea whatever it is that helps you wind down.

Keep calm

If you are uptight on the day of your theory test this could cause you to think you have forgot all you have learned and worked hard for. Find a way to keep calm, something that works for you whether it be music or breathing exercises. Just take it easy and relax there no need to get worked up you’ve got this.

You can do it

You’ve done everything you can now all you have to do now is go in there and do your best, it doesn’t matter if you fail the first time you can always retake it

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