Doing Battle on Planet Earth

You have seen it on television, in the movies, on the Internet, in tabloids and even written about in conspiracy books. Everywhere you turn there is another theory about the apocalyptic invasion that is coming when aliens come to Earth. The constant belief is that they will be far from the cuddly E.T. you saw in the movies and much more like Independence Day where they will want to wipe out the human race. So what does this all mean? How do you get yourself ready for such an event? There are some preparations you are going to want to make so you can be sure to be ready when the little green men come knocking at your door.

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First off, there are some essential elements that you are going to need to have at the ready. Since most alien invasions seem to start around big cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington D.C., try to stay away from these areas. Get yourself a remote cabin in Wyoming or Idaho somewhere where you might be more likely to be safe for a while. Even better is investing in one of those long-unused missile silos underground in the desert in New Mexico. Once you have your hideaway, load it up with non-perishable food and water so you can be safe for a while. After you have your shelter, food and water, everything else becomes a matter of actual survival for you.

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You are going to need some basics so you are ready to run and fight as well. Of course, making sure that your family is safe is always a good thing. How many times have you seen the hero in one of these movies have to go back for a forgotten daughter, girlfriend, wife or dog? Avoid the problem from the start and do a head count before you take off. You also want to make sure that you have the right footwear needed to outrun these aliens. Those snazzy dress shoes or Birkenstocks are not going to help you know. Invest in a good pair of running sneakers so you can be ready to run.

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You should also be ready to travel quickly and lightly if necessary. Get yourself a nice multi-tool that you can slip into a pocket or light backpack. Get yourself a lighter, flashlight, first aid kit and your backpack. You may even want to spend some time watching episodes of “”Survivorman”” so you can see just how it needs to be done if you have to be out somewhere for a week or more with nothing more than this. At least then you can be prepared for the worse. It also never hurts to invest in some extra cans of gasoline to have at your hideaway. The best case scenario gives you extra to use for your getaway car; at the worst you can set fire to everything and take some aliens down with the building.
When aliens attack you not only need to be prepared but you need to have a car that is going to be able to get you away fast. If your current car or truck seems less than reliable or likely to be taken out quickly by a spaceship or ray gun, now is the time for you to invest in something else. Check out what Mesa Toyota has available for you at so you can find the perfect vehicle with just enough size for you and your loved ones and maybe Tom Cruise and Will Smith too, because it never hurts to have experienced back up when aliens attack.


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