Deschloroketamine (hydrochloride)

dissociative analgesic that estranges NMDA receptors and has been manhandled recreationally deschloroketamine  (hydrochloride) (Thing No. 18683) is an expository reference material that is basically sorted as an amphetamine. It is delegated .

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started with a supernatural occurrence of current administration! I had requested 500mg O-PCM with a merchant and had decided on a mail benefit.

The seller let me realize that he had recently dropped that mail benefit since it was wasteful and rather had sent my bundle with a super costly dispatch administration, and this with no additional cost to me.

Individuals! 25 hours after the dispatch got that bundle, it landed at my entryway.

It had voyage 4 Nations at a normal speed of more than 50 miles 60 minutes!

Consider ME Awed!

I measured it, it was 10mg overweight.

I took a sensitivity test then initially took 15mg, at that point 25mg (40mg rectal aggregate in 60 minutes) and continued to get high.

You cannot get high on ketamine rectally unless you utilize crazy measurements, however with DCK/O-PCM it worked fine and dandy.


Folks I have attempted:








Noisy AND CLEAR: 0-PCM is my Most loved dissociative, after MXE and before O-PCE.

This stuff is Great.

It has the sedation of Ketamine yet the punching energy of O-PCE. Its especially like a more calming MXE or a less stimulant O-PCE.

Visuals ARE RICH. This is Holey stuff. The gap calls. At no other time saw I OEV twists to the extent than now with the O-PCM.

I continued utilizing dosages from 15-30mg and all inbetween.


The stuff came as yellowish course precious stones, coarse like granulated sugar.

I went from twelve to morning, quit dosing around 10 AM was still bounty inebriated when I hit the sack at 23:30.

I would state its half as solid as O-PCE and twofold as solid as MXE.

Its a harder medication than MXE, less sympathetic of high dosages. I’d Prefer not to measurement too high on this.

I had such excellent otherworldly encounters, it has the full profound abundance of MXE.

This was what Ketamine attempted to do with me however neglected to, in light of the fact that I needed to grunt it. This one can be taken oral and rectal so theres no dosage confinements.

It was so lovely at a few times, made me cry.

Enchantment happened.

I cherish it. Not as much as MXE but rather this one could fulfill me asc as MXE in the event that I didnt have any.

I had a decent legitimate crap today, I sat tight for that in composing that report, since it was said it is an anti-microbial. In the event that it was I would have been not able pass a stool because of mass microbial demise in the guts, none of that, it doesnt seem any more anti-infection than O-PCE or MXE rectal

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