Best Dodge Vehicle for the Executive

There are many reasons why the executive has to pay particular attention to the vehicle that they are going to be driving. They most definitely have to keep up appearances not only in the workplace but in the social arena as well. For anyone who is looking for the best vehicle for both work and family there are many choices at

Executive are often judged by the type of vehicle that they are driving. Any executive will not go wrong by choosing any of the Dodge vehicles. There are some vehicles that they may want to take a closer look at for a variety of reasons. One of these is the 2016 Dodge Dart sedan. While it is a nicely priced vehicle it has a lot of additional features to it that work well for the executive. For those that have to transport clients around it provides a comfortable five seating capacity that would make any executive proud to offer to their clients. The car type is a sedan and it has a six speed manual transmission. When it comes to fuel economy the executive can count on 25/30 6M PG. While it doesn’t come with the heated seats or Bluetooth this is not a big issue for the executive that can depend on all of the other features and benefits that the vehicle offers.

Another great choice for the executive would be the 2016 Dodge Durango. While this leaves the sedan mode and is a full sized SUV it is great for the executive that is on the go. Especially when they have to travel to see clients, and may have to transport various items with them for presentations. It is an impressive looking vehicle that depicts strength and durability just as the executive himself or herself does. For the executive that has to be on the road and away from home it offers great cargo space as well as very comfortable cabin space.

Finally a third choice for the executive that wants to go into the truck range would be the Dodge Dakota. this is the perfect and impressive vehicle for the executive that needs to travel to a lot of work sites as it depicts strength and durability and is one that can be counted on not to fail them. For a wonderful selection of top quality vehicles pay a visit to

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