Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle in London

There are perhaps more benefits than you think when you ride a motorbike to work in London rather than fight the traffic in your car or the crowds on the Tube. These benefits may convince you that expert London motorcycle training is a good idea for anyone working in the capital.

Great Fuel Efficiency

It’s a big reason why London drivers are switching to a motorbike. Not surprisingly, you can go a lot further on a bike on a tank of petrol than you can in your car, and of course save money while doing so.

Cheaper Insurance

If £500 a year for your motorcycle insurance sounds a lot better than £1000 a year or more for car insurance, that should be another reason to give up your car for a bike. Although your bike insurance will be a lot less than your auto insurance, keep in mind that a sports bike will cost you more to insure, and the bike’s design and engine size will also affect the amount you pay.

Weaving Through Traffic

You may be used to getting stuck in your car in the slow moving London traffic. On the other hand, a bike lets you navigate those narrow streets, dirt roads and tight spaces and bypass many of the traffic snarl ups.

Free Parking

Those parking fees can add up quickly too if you drive into London every day for work. Many parking places don’t require payment for a motorcycle – another obvious advantage.

Easy To Clean

You don’t need to worry about cleaning the inside of your bike as you do when you own and drive a car. Reckon on about 5 or 10 minutes to clean your motorcycle; of course it takes a lot longer than that to clean the inside and outside of your car.

Better Resale Value

If you buy a motorcycle you may well want to trade it in for a bigger and better model at some point, and another appeal of owning a bike is the higher resale value. When it is time to sell you may well be able to get back the full amount that you paid for the bike.

Whether you opt for the simpler CBT training course or your goal is to pass the full London motorcycle training course, you can find classes offered in London to fit your schedule.

Classes cover everything you need to know including rules of the road, how to turn and include the required written test.

Request to meet an instructor by completing the easy online form.

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