An Overview of Liberty Auto Protection New Jersey

All car owners appreciate how crucial it is to insure vehicular components that frequently stop working, once their initial warranty has expired. If this occurs, costly repairs and inconvenient mechanic fees can be a major bugbear. With Liberty Auto Protection  of New Jersey motorists can avoid large repair expenses for their cars.

Both used and new cars alike should have extended warranty cover, because it extends the insurance for important components that regularly malfunction, once a certain number of miles have been clocked. It means that you can choose to take your car to a certified mechanic, or have it fixed at a car repair store of your preference.

Liberty Auto Protection gives motorists extended service cover on the cars they own. This gives you the reassurance of knowing that you have a superior type of warranty. The service contracts are especially helpful for motorists who have bought used vehicles, or who own vehicles that are not covered by normal warranties of a few years.

Contracts can be tailored to encompass various levels of cover, depending on the motorist’s specific requirements. For example, Engine Coverage from Liberty only applies to the most important parts of your car’s engine. This safeguards you from expensive repair fees, and stops you from buying unnecessary cover – making it ideal for older vehicles.

Or, you could opt for Select Coverage, which applies to all the sophisticated components used on modern cars. Also, there are optional extras that you can buy with any agreement, to make sure you receive precisely what you require. In any event, Liberty will make a direct payment to your chosen mechanic. Consequently, you will never have to be out of pocket paying for covered repairs, only to pray for a subsequent reimbursement.

Every contract from Liberty includes a number of bonuses for additional reassurance. Lockout Assistance is on offer, if you end up becoming locked out of your vehicle. And all Liberty clients qualify for Roadside Assistance, which is helpful if you require petrol, a tow, a jump start or a change of tires. If you opt to sell your car prior to the end date of your agreement, your cover is entirely transferable. As a result, you can include this with your vehicle to increase its’ value.

Another standard service with Liberty Auto Protection of New Jersey offers is Trip Interruption cover. If your vehicle conks out over 100 miles from where you live, Liberty will pay for your accommodation and food until you get back behind the wheel again. Also, the company will pay for a rental car to assist you in the meantime.

This cover is valid at all licensed repair stores in Canada and the US, so new motorists will encounter no difficulties in using it. There’s no restrictions on the quantity of claims you can make during the period of your agreement either, so you don’t have to fret about using these services when you need to. Better still, Liberty has the backing of Palmer Administration, which is a BBB approved insurance firm with a thirty year track record of safeguarding motorists like you. This firm is here to stay, so you can rely on them in your hour of need. To get more details about what Liberty can offer you, get in touch with them today by calling 800-599-9557.

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