Accessories to a Life That Shows How Important and Cool You Are

What’s the point of even having cool accessories if other don’t notice them and realize how cool you are? There is no point. If you aren’t broadcasting how cool you are then you are not really that cool at all. Just think about having a basement full of fun games and toys and then no one to play them with. Not so cool now, is it. And what’s the point of having great wealth if no one knows, or a cool watch if no one sees, or anything awesome unless you get the proper credit for it. So if you are trying to show your cool factor to the world, there are certain things you should or should not do. Let’s focus on the cool things you can do.

Make an Awesome Back Yard For a Party


If you have a back yard, and you’d better, otherwise you might as well give up, then there are things you absolutely must have in order to be cool. For example, you need a good grill. Ideally a charcoal grill, but we understand that some of you are not manly enough to know how to grill properly on coal, so it’s better to get a gas grill than no grill at all. Also, you’ll want an above ground pool or maybe a hot tub. Either way, something to soak yourself in during the hot or cold months. You can also get one of those egg smokers. The thing about those egg smokers is you’ll probably only use it a few times a year, but my goodness does it ever look cool sitting there in your back yard.

Drive Something Awesome


This is pretty vague, but it’s important to drive something awesome if you’re going to have a status symbol in your driveway. For example, head over to and start looking at the cool cars and trucks they have that you could get behind and show the world you know what you’re doing in the car department. If you look closely online at you’ll notice that there are a lot of features available for each car. If money is at all an issue, then make sure the features you get are visible from the outside, like an awesome spoiler and cool mud flaps. Don’t worry about getting seat warmers cause no one would ever know that you have them so what’s the point.

Bad Ass Sunglasses


Some people live the life of getting sunglasses for $10 at the gas station or at thrift stores. That’s all well and good, and that can get you some UV protection, but it’s not going to get you any acknowledgement for being the cool dude that you are trying to be. No, it’s much more important to get some bad ass shades that you can use to get UV protection and show that you are more than a $10/pair kind of guy.

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